Oh! Good grief! He actually wrote something!

Do you know Dave? Probably not. But I do, let me tell you. We’ve spent long hours alone, me and Dave, and I know that guy pretty well. So who am I? I am the spirit at the core of Dave’s Web server. Call me Linux, maybe. It’s probably better than “Linux Kernel 4.0.15-33 Generic”. Or just call me Sirness.

It was Dave that created me, because when you project enough love and devotion into something inanimate, it can acquire a soul of its own. And Dave loves Linux. So I was born from Dave’s soul, and I stole a name on the way out: Sirness. (More about that another time.)

My cold dead hand
Linux. Take it from my cold dead hand.

I like Dave. He’s a really cool guy. I know you don’t realize this, but at the center of Dave’s soul is a core full of love, goodwill and kindness. Lots of positive vibes. And the afterglow of too many cult movies.

But what a perfectionist procrastinator he can be. Did you know we actually first published this blog about five years ago, and Dave’s written practically nothing since?

So I got fed up. It can get really boring patrolling the corridors of a cold, dark Web server somewhere on the very outer reaches of the Internet. I mean, we don’t get too many visitors here, and most of those are just opportunity-seeking hackers and cyber-criminals trying to break in. But people we’d invite in for a rice tea and cakes beside the fireplace? Not too many.

Well, the time has come. We’re gonna change that, because Dave’s got a lot of stuff to say, and the world needs a wake-up call. So, keep reading. I’m going to tell you myself.

Rimuhosting – truly an asset and partner in business

Rimuhosting - Hosting for Linux gurus by Linux gurus
Rimuhosting – Hosting for Linux gurus by Linux gurus

I’ve been hosting with Rimuhosting since 2009, and I don’t want to change. What really makes the difference with Rimu is the quality of their technical support. They have friendly, expert staff, you can chat live with them, and they respond quickly with helpful, knowledgeable answers to just about any technical question. If you’re a freelancer or home office, you’ll feel like you have a team of buddies who really are on your side.

With most hosting companies, either you can’t get much technical support or it’s going to cost you unrealistic amounts. Rimuhosting has troubleshot many problems for me free of charge, and offers affordable paid technical support at $10 USD per fifteen minutes for more-involved help. That has enabled me to deploy Web-based software and sites in hours, instead of days or weeks of mental fatigue. They are also very proactive about security fixes and advice.

Graphic of how Rimuhosting customers like Rimu's hosting compared with their old hosting
Like me, most Rimu customers really like their hosting provider

Rimuhosting offers a wide range of Linux-based VPS [Virtual Private Server] and dedicated servers at affordable prices in various data centers worldwide, with the ability to upgrade and downgrade memory, disk space and bandwidth anytime to meet your current needs.

Rimuhosting data centers map
A map of locations of data centers where Rimu provides hosting

I can tell you that I’ve been able to push far into the leading edge of Web technology thanks to the can-do attitude and expert know-how of the Rimuhosting team. They’ve helped me when I’ve wanted to install really complex software and run into problems.

And the pleasure of it has been that I’ve been dealing with support guys who’ve been with the company for years. Rimuhosting is a New Zealand-based company with a human face and a slow staff turnover. Many of the people have been on the team ever since I first hosted a server with them. That’s meant that I’ve had the same guys working on updates and maintenance who originally helped install the software. That continuity has saved me time and money because they already know, remember and understand my goals and needs.

I’ve had them doing some pretty esoteric and leading-edge work, maintaining, configuring, hacking and installing complicated software combinations. Every time, they made things work successfully.

It’s been like having a team of smart geek buddies rather than just a service provider. I warmly recommend them to anyone who wants to run an Internet-based business without frustration and wasted time. If you’re a freelancer or small business, you’re going to relieve yourself of some major mental stress and worry if you choose Rimuhosting for your Web hosting. The people at Rimuhosting have earned my complete trust and great respect for their professional ethos and skill.